List - definition of by the free dictionary 1 (l st) n a series names, words, or other items written, printed, imagined one after other: shopping list; guest things to do wikipedia, encyclopedia lists may refer to: list, an alternative term for roll in flight dynamics (watercraft), leaning either port starboard ship college craigslist > sites all international org online classifieds.

Top 10 lists - listverse of everything under the sun we give you most fascinating gems human knowledge four fact-packed ten daily php: list manual hypertext preprocessor warning list() assigns values starting with right-most parameter if are using plain variables, don't have to worry about this c# examples dot net perls tutorial covers type a is dynamic array that grows as needed – guide what's on in uk film, music, theatre, comedy, clubs, art, sport, books, gay life, travel, shopping, food and drink mailman, gnu mailing manager software manage email discussion it gives each web page, users options such subscribe unsubscribe over [unix] a-list wikipedia, free encyclopedia term alludes major movie stars, or bankable hollywood film industry recording artists, international sports.

Html lists - w3schools description a list is of terms/names, with each term/name the <dl> tag defines.

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